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Barbell Shape Dog Chew Toy For Small Dogs

Barbell Shape Dog Chew Toy For Small Dogs

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Barbell Shape Dog Chew Toy For Small Dogs Bite Resistant Dog Toothbrush Molar Stick Dental Care Pets Training Interactive Toys


1. Color matching: The product has three colors: blue, pink and green. The colors are bright and can attract pets to play.

2. Soft material: dumbbell shape, long rod-like appearance, using TPR material, good elasticity, bite resistance and abrasion resistance, pets are not easy to damage their teeth when playing.

3. Bump design: The toy has a lot of soft bumps, which will not hurt the teeth, can play a role in cleaning the teeth, and effectively prevent the dog's dental calculus and oral diseases.

4. Easy to clean: The toy is made of TPR material, soft in texture, washable, reusable, clean and hygienic.


Product name: Pet molars dumbbell toy

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