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Personalized Dog Collar Leash in Multiple Colors

Personalized Dog Collar Leash in Multiple Colors

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  • Material: high-quality, long-lasting nylon fabric

    • Neatly stitched

    • Softly padded interior

    • Comfortable fit

    • Prevents rubbing against skin and hair

  • Features:

    • Quick-release metal buckle system

    • Magic sticker and clasp to secure collar

    • Control handle, D-ring for leash, and Velcro surface

    • Easy to remove collar with quick-release system

  • Model sizes available:

    • M: fits neck sizes 36-48 cm

    • L: fits neck sizes 42-54 cm

    • Big: fits neck sizes 50-62 cm

  • Note: to ensure proper fit, leave a measurement space for two fingers when using the collar on your dog.


  • Make sure there is no more than a 2 finger gap between collar and dog's neck before purchasing

  • Custom stickers not included, but you can use your own stickers

  • Please shop responsibly

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