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Pet Cage for Hamster

Pet Cage for Hamster

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  • 🐭 Keep your small pets warm and cozy with this high-quality pet nest!

  • πŸ’ͺ Made of plush and cotton, it is suitable for small animals such as rats, hamsters, squirrels, and birds.

  • 🌑 The nest is made of arctic flannelette to keep your pet warm in the winter.

  • 🌈 It is available in a beautiful color that can be used in the cage.

  • πŸ“ The nest has a size of L, with an external diameter of 20 cm and an internal diameter of 13 cm.

  • 🎁 The package includes one pet nest.

  • 🐁 Keep your small pets happy and comfortable with this cozy and stylish pet nest!

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