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Pet sound bouncy ball

Pet sound bouncy ball

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Product name: Pet sound bouncy ball

100% Brand New High Quality

Material: TPR

Color: blue, orange, green

Size: Diameter 6.5cm/9cm/11cm (2.55"/3.54"/4.33")

S is suitable for small dogs, cats

M is suitable for medium-sized dogs

L is suitable for large dogs


1. Surface protruding design. When the dog chews the toy, it allows the teeth to rub well. At the same time, it can not only wipe and clean the teeth, but also help the development of the dog's jaw muscles!

2. A good toy for human and pet interaction! Flexible enough to be held in your hand or thrown out for your dog to pick up. The long-term interaction between the owner and the pet will help the pet's intellectual development and healthy bone growth.

3. It is suitable for outdoor training and interactive pursuit.

Products include: 1* Pet Sound Bouncy Ball

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