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Pet Water Fountain Activated Carbon Filter

Pet Water Fountain Activated Carbon Filter

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Name: Cat Fountain Filter
Inner layer material: activated carbon, resin
Size: Outer Diameter: 127mm/5in, Inner Diameter: 38mm/1.5in, Thickness: 8mm/0.31in
Quantity: 4pcs/8pcs/12pcs

packing list:
Cat Fountain Filters (Optional Quantity)
In order to ensure the water quality is clean, the filter must be replaced in time, please replace it within 2-4 weeks.

Compatible with automatic flower fountain and other of same size. Size: 5in(outer diameter), 1.5in(inner diameter).

Double action filters: resin and active carbon. The resin can soften the water and reduce the chances of lithiasis. Activated carbon can absorb impurities and odors, keep water fresh and clean.
Water quality can be eliminated with all three types of filtration. The outer cotton layer of each filter captures hair and debris.
Three steps of filtration can ensure the quality of the water and improve the taste of fresh water for your cats.

Enjuague bien el filtro con agua antes de usarlo, fácil de montar en la fuente de agua para mascotas.


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