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Puppy Kitten Feeding Bottle

Puppy Kitten Feeding Bottle

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Product Description:

  • Item Type: Pet Feeding Bottle and Medicine Feeder

  • Material: PP, PE, and Silicone

  • Colors: Pink and Blue

  • Target Audience: Dogs

  • Feeding Bottle Size: 13 cm x 2 cm

  • Medicine Feeder Size: 12 cm x 3.5 cm

  • Storage Box Size: 15 cm x 8 cm

  • Capacity: 50 cc

  • Feature: Durable


  • Safe and reliable handle made of PP material (does not contain bisphenol A)

  • Silicone head can be boiled and disinfected, easy to clean

  • Designed specifically for feeding medicine to kittens/dogs

  • Avoids direct injection of liquid medicine into the throat to prevent choking

  • Precise scales for easy dosage control and feeding speed

  • Comes with storage box for dust-proof and dirt-repellent storage


  • Clean entire feeder before use

  • Disinfect by boiling in water for 1-2 minutes

  • Fill measuring cup with required amount of liquid medication

  • Use syringe to draw up medication and extend front end into baby's mouth

  • Push in medication and wash feeder after use

Package Include:
1 x pet nursing bottle

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