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Toy For Puppy and Small Dogs

Toy For Puppy and Small Dogs

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PUPWONG Dog Squeaky Chew Bone Toys With Bouncing Latex Squeak Floating Fetch Toy For Puppy and Dogs

NON-TOXIC TPR MATERIAL - The toy adopts the detection safety technology, even if the dog eats the broken particles in the toy, it can be smoothly discharged through the intestine;

KEEP YOUR DOG HAPPY -The dog squeak toys help your dog fight boredom and reduce mischievous behaviour when it stay at home alone

SQUEAKER INSIDE - Easy to squeeze to creat a loud crisp sound,provides long-lasting entertainment

INTERACTIVE PET TOY - Easy to be fetch and throw,your dog will love playing tossing and fetching with the squeaky dog toy,if your dog love swimming,it will bring him extra fun because it can float in water

VIVID COLOR - Made of latex rubber with vivid colors,attract dogs to play

Flexible material,the dog squeak toys refreshes breath and promote healthy teeth,stimulating play by squeaking when chewed or squeezed when chewed or squeezed.Squeaker installed to stimulate play.Creates positive association with toy and reduces anxiety and boredom.

Why need a dog toy?

Canine naturally like playing and chewing,their behavior problems will be increased if they don't have the proper way to follow their instincts,obviously,the dog toys are the best items to satisfy them.

Why choose this latex squeaky toy?

Dogs,especially playful puppy dogs,are naturally crazy about the squeaky toy!If you bring one to them,it will keep them active and happy all the day.This dog toy is made of latex rubber with vilid colors,filled with high quality cotton,lightweigt and soft,easy to squeeze.We do believe your dog will love playing fetch with it or just squeeze it to make a loud crisp sound,it will bring him tons of fun.


1,The puppy toy is only designed for pet.

2,It's designed as a rolling/fetching toy rather than a chew toy,so you should teach your pets how to play it after bring it to them.

3,All the toys could bring your dog risk if she is interested in them,your dog,especially for a strong chewer,should be supervised while they are playing the toys,no matter how undestroyable the toy seems,there is still possible for them to chew it into pieces.Please clean up the pieces and the cotton(filler) at once if it's destoryed.


1,Cleaning it regularly.

2,Keep it away from fire.

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