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Wow you must own one for your car

Wow you must own one for your car

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for a car air freshener. The product comes in four colors: silver, black, red, and gold. It has a diameter of 6.5 cm and an overall height of 6.5 cm. The product is made of an aluminium alloy and has a net weight of about 160 g and a gross weight of about 200 g. It comes packaged in a coloured box with dimensions of about 14 cm by 10 cm by 10 cm.

The car air freshener is suitable for all vehicles and is designed to freshen the air inside the car. It has a choice of five fragrances: cologne, lemon, osmanthus, ocean, and lavender. The product has a continuous fragrance, a sun rotation feature, and a beautiful appearance. It should be installed in a position with strong sunlight.

The product has several functions, including mosquito repellent, refreshing the air, sterilization, eliminating odors, and adding aroma and decoration to the car.

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